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ICC Review Conference in Kampala. Photo credit: CICC.

 During the recent ICC Review Conference in Kampala, Uganda the Assembly of States Parties, the body that governs the Court, passed the Kampala Declaration acknowledging July 17th as International Justice Day!  Click here to read the full resolution (read 12. for the reference to International Justice Day).  Although the achievements of the International Criminal Court and the pursuit of international criminal justice are reason enough, this milestone gives us even more reason to celebrate International Justice Day on July 17, 2010!


International Justice Day, the day every year where we celebrate an end to impunity, is only a month away!  As the international community wraps up the historic International Criminal Court Review Conference in Kampala, here in the US we are planning celebrations to honor the achievements of the court. 

July 17, 2010 is fast approaching, so now is the time to get involved, either by joining an existing celebration or creating your own.  You can connect with us through any of our media icons on this page, or email us at

Want to learn more about the ICC, our organizations, International Justice Day events, or how to get involved?  Click on the icons (i.e. “WATCH”) in our toolbar at the top or the right of the page to find out more.

The United States Celebrates the International Criminal Court

Organizations representing the legal, academic, faith-based and human rights communities (under the umbrella of the American NGO Coalition for the ICC) will once again rally together to remember this momentous day in history: the signing of the Rome Statute on July 17th, 1998, marking the establishment of the world’s first permanent international criminal court, the ICC.

We are gearing up for great events across the country, and whether you’re in Maine, California or somewhere in between, we want you to get plugged in to a celebration near you (check out our “Participating states” tab). Not listed? Register now: email to find out about events near you or host your own.